Misc Games will attend the gamescom in Cologne, 5-9 August where you can visit our stand in hall 10.1 A036. We will showcase a demo of our upcoming PC games Fishing: Barents Sea that will be a realistic action strategy game about fishing.

In Fishing: Barents Sea you will start with a small smack that you has inherited from your deceased father. Your goal is to build up by fishing with the use of different fishing methods like longline fishing, nets, not and trawls that you must learn to use and master to drag the most fish. In the game you will have to search around to find good fishing spots using sonar or perform missions to earn money and upgrade your ship, buy equipment and take care of his family. When you have earned enough money, you can acquire a bigger and better boat that will open up new fishing gear. All boats will have an annual fishing quota that will be upgradeable.

Other game features:

• Seasonal fishing
• Quota System
• Delivery times for fresh and frozen fish
• Take care of your family
• Delivery Missions, come to the rescue of shipwrecked boats, take tourists on whale watching and other types of events and missions
• Open World of Northern Norway
• Changing weather, day and night and seasons

We will try to create a game that will give players an educational and challenging experience about being a fishboat captain, in addition to being able to explore and experience a wonderful landscape in Northern Norway.