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Q1, 2017



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Fishing: Barents Sea is a simulator game for PC, about industrial fishing, you will be put in a role as a fishboat captain. Starting out with a small boat you inherited from your grandfather, earn money fishing to buy upgrades, bigger and better boats and more. Make your grandfather proud!


We started develop this game in June 2013. We plan to release this game early in 2017.


  • Explore – Discover a huge open world map over northern Norway, visit real ports and locations. Uncover various fishing locations and secrets
  • Handcrafted – 5 entirely handcrafted and authentic fishing boats to drive and explore
  • Atmosphere – Experience the majestic and untouched nature around northernmost town Hammerfest and gateway to Barents Sea, with midnight sun at summer, cold and dark winters with northern lights
  • Industrial Fishing – Learn about industrial fishing, using various fishing methods like long-line, yarn, not and trawl
  • Customization – Buy new parts, customize, buy fish quotas, upgrade engine and storage space on your boat
  • Adventure – Start with the smallest fishing boat inherited from your grandfather, go fishing, earn money and build yourself up to buy a big trawler. Make your grandfather proud!


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Awards & Recognition

    Fishing: Barents Sea has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "Forget Mario and Battlefield, now you should get hooked on cod fishing"
        - Lasse Lervik, Pressfire.no

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      Fishing: Barents Sea Credits

      Goran Myrland
      Idea, concept, game design and level design

      Justin Beales
      Lead Programmer

      Samuel Jeeves

      Jorgen Manke
      Music and Sound

      Mikael Fossum
      3D Artist

      Sergey Tabakov
      3D Artist

      Jordan Van Ness
      3D Artist

      Vojislav Dimitrijevic

      Zdenek Sasek
      2D Artist

      Lisa Starc
      VFX Artist

      Yasemin Hamurcu
      PR and Press

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks